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Tailored to the needs of people who support and report to COOs. The Ops Spot provides a place for connection, support, and strategy to help you win.

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  • Expertise On-Demand: Connect with a curated group of operations leaders, from Managers to VPs. Tap into collective wisdom to navigate hiring, training, and other challenges you face. 

  • Solutions for Real-World Problems: From tackling inflation and operating costs to resolving supply chain and logistics hurdles, find tried-and-tested strategies from those who’ve been there.

  • Genuine Connections: This isn’t just a network – it’s a community. Forge meaningful relationships with professionals equally committed to mutual growth. 

  • Quality Over Quantity: Enjoy a spam-free environment with high-caliber discussions and content tailored to your needs. Every member is vetted to ensure 100% relevancy.


🛠️ Immediate Solutions: Pose questions in real-time and receive actionable answers precisely when you need them.

📚 Tailored Learning: Continuously “upskill” with insights that align directly with your business’s evolving demands.

💡Innovative Strategies: Stay ahead with a regular influx of the latest tools and techniques that are making waves in the operations world.

🤝 Strategic Connections: Hone your decision-making skills and grow an invaluable network of dedicated operations professionals.

🌱 Your Career Vision: Gain clarity on your career trajectory, uncovering opportunities and directions for your next growth phase.

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To Support You...

Let’s call it like it is – Operations is lonely. But that doesn’t mean you have to go-it-alone. This is the one place on earth where everyone gets you, cheers for you, and sees the world the same weird way you do! 

So come on in, kick off your shoes, and make this place your own…Welcome Home.

…And Grow Together!

Above all, we’re united by a love for growth. Bring those tricky questions, dive into the latest game-changing ideas, share your wisdom with the community, pick up new ideas and new skills that will supercharge your career! Your next level awaits…

Tons of ways to accelerate
your growth

This is your exclusive “ops zone” — no CEOs. Connect with fellow Operations Managers, Directors, and VPs, all navigating the same complex challenges as you. Smaller company COOs (under $5M)? You’re welcome too! Join forces, share your vision, and let's elevate one another to new heights together!

Define the Future of Operations

Join us in shaping tomorrow’s operations landscape with cutting-edge tech, revolutionary ideas, and pioneering practices. Don’t get left behind in the next wave of innovation.

“The Ops Spot is for serious operations people who don’t take themselves too seriously”

Jhana Li, Co-Founder

"Our logo is a hammock because we wanted all operations people to have a place to hang out."

Cameron Herold,

Make a Global Impact

At The Ops Spot, you’ll join forces with professionals from over 8 countries, harnessing a wealth of diverse insights. Together, we’re not just adapting to the remote economy—we’re leading it.

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Our Core Values

Authentic Engagement:

Be real, be you. We embrace the full spectrum of our humanity—passions, quirks, and all. Straight talk is our language, fostering growth with respect and candor.


We are not here for the whiners, for the victims. We are here for the Operations people who take life by the horns and overcome any challenge. The Ops Spot is a place to bring your challenges, without fear of judgment. But we don’t wallow or coddle, we help each other. Every problem is brought to the table with a commitment to taking action & finding a solution.

Generosity Pays Off

Share freely, learn exponentially. Our culture thrives on “holding nothing back.” When you contribute your insights, expect a wealth of knowledge in return. This will 10X your learning.

Unwavering Support

We get Operations—and we’ve got your back. Celebrate wins and milestones together; our collective success amplifies your career and achievements.

Have Fun

Play hard, work fun. In our world, work is play- and we’re passionate about it! The Ops Spot is where passion meets profession. If you “nerd out” on cool innovations, tech, and other things that your co-workers just don’t get, you’ll be in good company here.



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Hundreds of businesses around the world trust The Ops Spot with their
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Our Why:

Our Why:

In the crisp wintry air of Sedona, Cameron Herold and Jhana Li met to discuss their shared vision to create a new kind of community. A network For Operators, By Operators. As a result, The Ops Spot was born with the mission to create a global platform where Operations Pros grow and thrive together.

Our Why:
Operators often find themselves isolated, under-represented, and struggling to find the resources they need to win. That’s why we created The Ops Spot — your one-stop shop for connection, innovation, and the resources you need to elevate and accelerate your career.

Who We Are:
Cameron Herold, former COO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, and known for his bestsellers “Vivid Vision” and “The Second In Command,” today propels organizations to new heights through his COO Alliance, exclusively serving COOs of companies with $5M to $500M in revenue globally.

Jhana Li, with her expertise in catapulting early-stage startups to success, now channels her skills as a COO and Head Operations Coach to hundreds of digital companies into nurturing emerging Operators at her Spyglass Academy.

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Meet Hendrix


In February 2023, while at Chocola Tree in Sedona, Jhana and Cameron struck up a conversation with Hendrix, a tech-savvy optimist on the lookout for a meaningful role. As they shared The Ops Spot’s vision, Hendrix lit up — he too was on a mission to help operations people excel in their transformation as leaders – making this the dream role he’d been seeking.

His shared mission, enthusiasm, and a perfectly timed joke sealed the deal: Hendrix was the perfect match for our community!


The Ops Spot is an exclusive online community tailored for those at the heart of operations — from Ops Managers to Director’s of Ops, and GMs. It’s the go-to hub for any operational role, big or small (even COOs of companies with revenues under $5M). Our members typically run businesses averaging $10M in revenue, but there’s no minimum size to join. Imagine a place you can hang out with peers, on an easy-to-use app that empowers professional growth and development, learning, collective problem-solving, and personal connections.—all designed to elevate you and your company.

To become a part of The Ops Spot, you need to be actively engaged in an operations or managerial role. We are focused on nurturing the growth of operations professionals, so CEOs and entrepreneurs would be better served elsewhere. If you’re an “Ops Nerd” like us, eager to enhance your operational prowess, you’re exactly who we’re looking for. COOs are encouraged to enroll their operations team members to foster a culture of learning and development within their organization. COOs of businesses with less than $5M in annual revenue may also join.

Applying to The Ops Spot is very straightforward. If you’re in an operations role, you can sign up immediately. Just click “Join now” anywhere on this page to register. During registration, if a current member referred you, make sure to list their name on the next page — it’s part of how we keep our community connected and trusted. We may review your application to ensure alignment with our community’s goals, but generally, if you’re in ops, you’re in!

At The Ops Spot, we’re all about connecting our global network of operations professionals. Our aim is to foster an environment where every member can learn and flourish. With that spirit, there are only two rules to membership. First, we have a “no-asshole” policy to ensure our community remains a positive and supportive space for everyone. Second, no “spam.” We don’t allow deceptive and dishonest business practices in the community. The Ops Spot is for those who are passionate about operations and eager to contribute to a collective learning experience, we welcome you to join us!

You can email us at any time at to get technical & account support. Please let us know what issue you’re encountering, and our community manager Hendrix will respond within 24 hours!

Our community is hosted on, and you already have a Circle account, which is why you are seeing this code. Please first log into your Circle account at this link, it will prompt you for your login, then automatically redirect you back so you can sign-up for the Ops Spot! If you encounter any problems, please email us at so we can help.

The Ops Spot is a private online community for operations people who want to grow themselves and their companies. COOs, VP Ops, Director Ops, GMs, Presidents, or any manager in any operations role, in companies doing a minimum of $500K in revenue, our average member is $10M in size. The Ops Spot is a place you can hang out with peers, on an app that fosters professional growth and development, learning, collective problem-solving, and personal connections.

The Ops Spot only accepts people in operations roles, no CEOs can join. Your business must be generating >$500K in revenue, at a bare minimum.

Anyone in an ops role can join right away. If you’ve been referred by a current member of The Ops Spot, please remember to list their name when you register.

The Ops Spot’s number one priority is to grow a global community of ops people for ops people. The more great members we have, the more everyone will learn and grow. So the only way we’re limiting membership- is no assholes allowed.

Engaged Community: Connect with a global network of operations professionals committed to mutual growth.
Exclusive Resources: The Ops Spot is a place for Operators to share their best stuff. Spotters are constantly bringing new ideas, tactics & tools, as well as the occasional masterclass they teach!
Continuous Education: Benefit from collective wisdom as members share insights on all aspects of operations.
Trusted Introductions: Utilize our confidential database of preferred vendors offering special deals on executive search, financial, marketing, and more.
  • Exec Search, Fractional CFOs, Fractional CMOs, Digital Marketing, M&A, etc.
  • Members also introduce other members to their vetted suppliers also, fast-tracking your growth.
Local Connections and In-person Events: As we scale from hundreds of members into the thousands, we will be helping members organize local dinners and meetups. So keep introducing more great members to join- it only gets better!

Yay- you asked! We take our five core values, super seriously. Routinely breaking core values will get you thrown out of The Ops Spot

  • Hold Nothing Back
  • Bring Solutions
  • Share, Then Learn
  • Have Fun With It
  • Cheer Others On
As a new member of The Ops Spot, any uncertainties you have will quickly vanish. We’re here to help you get acquainted and feel at home with fellow members from the get-go so you’ll fit right in!
Company Size: There are no revenue requirements to join The Ops Spot, but our average member does around $8M in revenue currently.
Global and Diverse: With members hailing from over 13+ countries, including a dynamic 40% female membership, our community thrives on diversity – this means we have plenty of solutions to your most complex challenges.
Industry Spectrum: Our membership spans a range of sectors – 25% are in SaaS, 20% in agencies, 20% in B2C, 20% in services, and 15% in offline businesses… so the community has “seen it all!”
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While we hope to support members in-person events in the future, The Ops Spot is currently virtual. That said, our co-founder Cameron Herold has got you covered with the COO Alliance. They host 2 in-person events each year known as COO Connect – which you should definitely check out!

While The Ops Spot doesn’t currently offer structured coaching program, 99% of the resources you’ll need to advance your career are available in the community. If you’re looking for a structure coaching program, our very own co-founder, Jhana Li, runs the Spyglass Ops Academy and they offer coaching for operations people you should absolutely check out!

Your year starts the day you join.

At The Ops Spot, we prioritize the security of your company’s information. Our community is built on trust and discretion, with stringent policies ensuring that all members uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. Rest assured, your conversations are protected within our network.